At the 12th of may 2024 we will start with the first edition of CEI Well. For this first edition we have the honor to present it as the Centropix Endurance Cup. Centropix Kloud is our partner for this event and will be present at the venue during the day to give demonstrations of their products.

The tracks of our race are very nice with different grounds and surroundings. Most of the tracks have a nice sand footing. A few very short parts are more loose sand, but not very deep and we have some easy flat tracks with harder sand ground or gravel. You ride around the lake Reindersmeer, so beautiful views guaranteed! We have two loops, one red loop of 20 km and one yellow loop of 32 km. Both the 1* and 1*YR ride first yellow, then red, then yellow and finally red again.

For the entry please pay the entry fee as written in the schedule before the 5th of may 2024 to ensure your entry.

We don’t have stables available at the venue itself, but we do have stables available nearby the venue at a local riding center on request. If you want to reservate a stable, please send an e-mail to to let us know for how many horses you want a stable and when you are planning on arriving and leaving. If you need any other bedding then straw also let us know upfront.

For all FEI riders the pre-vetting is at the morning of the race. The briefing will be in the morning also at 8.00. It is possible to put up your vetgate at the venue on saturday between 14:00 and 19:00. The venue is locked after that, so no more entry possible.

Please remind yourself to have the horse temperature registred in the FEI horse app from 3 days before arrival at the venue. Also at the day of the race you have to temperature your horse twice a day. This is mandatory from the FEI.

At the venue there will be a small catering with drinks, refreshments, some snacks and sandwiches. It is not possible to pay by card here, only cash!

The maps of the loops and roadbook for the crewpoints will be shared at this website under downloads one week before the event. Because of environmental reasons we don’t print all maps for everyone. If you do want a hard copy and are not in the possibility to print one for yourself, please let us know by email.

For accomodation for there are many options in the area. Hotel Asteria Venray, B&B Angelbeeck, B&B Op de Kleijne Hei, B&B op de Halve Maan or Hotel Riche Boxmeer. There are also many campings in the area.